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What is Difference Between Flats and Apartments?


Let’s know the difference between apartment and flat. Both flats and apartments are residential home units with different amenities. We will discuss apartment vs flat.

In common sense the meaning of apartment and flat is same. An apartment or flat is commonly a self-contained unit of building. The building may contain multiple unit apartments with multiple residential floors in the same building. The word apartment mostly used in American English and the other flat is mostly used for British English. We will discuss the mainly difference between the apartments and flats. Let’s have a look at what is luxury apartment and a flat.

Differentiate Between Apartments & Flats:

The main difference may be due to the location and context. Let’s discuss the difference between apartment vs flat:

Definition of flat?

A flat is the residential unit in the residential building with the different amenities. The word flat is mostly used in the British English. The each flat with different bedrooms, e.g. 1 bedroom flat, 2 bedrooms flat, 3 bedroom flat, 4 bedrooms flats and 5 bedrooms flats or more with different residential amenities for the residents of home flat.

What is flat
Flat Image


Definition of Apartment?

The luxurious home unit in the residential building. The apartment building are multi-story buildings. Each floor of the building may be included with the multiple apartments. Mostly apartment’s term is used and considered as a luxury lifestyle home unit. The term apartment is mostly used in American English. Mostly an apartment comes with the all necessary lifestyle amenities. Like flats the apartment comes with different bedrooms types, e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartments and more, that are build according to the family residential needs in the location and context.

The prices of apartments and flats may vary according to the location and area of the country. The flats and apartments prices are measured in square feet.

luxury apartments building
Luxurious Apartments

Top & Necessary Amenities for Apartments:

An apartment must have the following residential amenities in the building and surroundings:

24/7 water supply

24/7 electricity supply

Dedicated parking

Swimming pool


Commercial shops for daily life shopping

Health clinic service with ambulance

Day care center


Security surveillance service

Park to play

Worship place or mosque


Best roads

and all other amenities that an apartment user may demand according to the location needs.

Floor Plan for apartments and flat may vary. Mostly apartment’s prices rates also vary according to the floors and story.

What is Penthouse?

The penthouse apartment is an apartment unit at the top of residential building. The penthouses are the most expensive home units of the residential building.






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